Lamborghini renews partnership with airport to have supercar as ‘follow-me’ vehicle

Typically at airports it will be low-cost cars and vans used as ‘follow-me’ vehicles to assist planes on takeoff and landing.

But things are a little different at Bologna’s Guglielmo Marconi Airport, where since 2013 a Lamborghini supercar has been used for this vital job. This partnership has now been extended with the Italian firm’s new ‘follow-me’ Huracan Evo spawning a new yellow and black livery. Lamborghini says not only do these colours ‘echo’ the brand’s logo, but are also ‘highly visible in all weather conditions’.

One of Lamborghini’s Urus SUVs is also joining Bologna airport’s fleet as a VIP shuttle, which will be used to ferry passengers to and from the airport to the plane in the ‘utmost luxury’.

With the partnership now extended until 2025, Lamborghini has also revamped its dedicated showroom space within the airport. It features a permanent car on display alongside fashion accessories. Passengers are also able to book Lamborghini factory and museum tours at the airport, with the supercar firm located only a 30-minute car journey away in nearby Sant’Agata.

Lamborghini even has its own small showroom in the airport. (Lamborghini)

“This renewal has also led to the implementation of a new personalized service for our most demanding customers, which will allow them to enjoy the Lamborghini experience as soon as they step off the ‘plane: something unique that can only be found at Marconi.”

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